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Classic Books

I asked around on Twitter as to what type of content people would like to see in terms of classic books and the majority voted for me revisiting Mr Gatsby and reading my notes from highschool. Funnily enough I didn't actually write notes into my Gatsby copy but only did a very convenient but hardly funny colour-coding experiment where I coloured all information for one character in one colour (colour-blending in paragraphs that were important for more than one character). As that would not be entertaining enough, I am going through with the idea that got the second most votes:

Reading letters from Jane Austen novels (obviously starting with the ones from "Persuasion") while dressed up in my not-entirely-finished Mr Wickham cosplay (yes, in a red-coat, in mid-summer, because I like to suffer).

As I am reading "Middlemarch" for class at the moment, you will also get a good run-down of that with a bit of focus on Victorian life and especially medicine at that time (one of my pet peeves) once I have made my way through the almost 800 pages.

Modern Reads

As I already did the gushy review of "The Illuminae Files" as an article here, I am going to have a look at other awesome contemporary books for those of you who don't like to read the "old" stuff.

I feel the very urgent need to talk about Robin Hood in general and "Scarlet" by A. C. Gaughen in particular and you will have the debatable pleasure of hearing me recite some slang-writing and also get a rant about romanticizing eating disorders.

I also lately "purchased" a few books for free which I would probably not have picked up at a bookstore and I will let you know whether or not I enjoyed them once I have read them.

Thirdly, because I am obsessed with historical stuff, you will eventually get a comparison of two books about Elizabeth I. which might or might not be a lead-up to another "inaccurate depicitions or descriptions of historical clothing items" rant.

That's the plan for now. I hope you stay safe and healthy, stick to the immortal words of Eddie Vedder "don't be an asshole" and wear a mask. See you soonish!


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