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Flash Fiction: 10th April - 17th April

#vss365 and #bravewrite work like this: Every day you get a one-word prompt and are supposed to come up with a mini-story that fits into a tweet. The #whistpr prompt is not limited to writing but can also be interpreted by all kinds of art. The following are my collective tweets for the three challenges.

April 10th

They called it splendid #isolation once and said they loved it because they were introverts, but that was before the epidemic. Now, little by little, they come to the conclusion that real life human interaction was a bigger part of their lives than they ever imagined. #vss365

As I got off the number 100 bus, the cool autumn #wind greeted me. It carried the city's signature scent of sea water and breweries and my heart opened wide as I inhaled deeply, knowing that I had once more returned home. #whistpr

"What are you doing?" "Erecting a #mizpah. It's a story in the bible. Marks the border between two territorries." "And you decided to put one in the middle of the hallway?" "Yes. And?" "I am not okay with your territorry including both the kitchen and the bathroom." #bravewrite

April 11th

Little Olivia loved watching Disney movies. Her favourite one was "The Rescuers" because it showed you didn't have to be big and strong to #rescue someone in distress. #vss365

Sometimes it was hard to handle, life. Here he was, in his old, tiny town in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't a place for dreamers. People here knew to work and not to #yearn for more than their everyday lives. He didn't belong, because he had not given up hope yet. #whistpr

There were all kinds of fruit on the table: apples, pears, some plums, even #peaches. The childrens' eyes widened as they took in the riches. "You must be a witch," one of them said awestruck. She smiled and threw some more coals into the oven. "Not all magic is bad." #BraveWrite

April 12th

"She invited me to watch a movie. Didn't quite go as planned. I thought she'd choose something romantic, so I'd find a moment to kiss her." - "Could've told you that's not gonna work." - "She chose #Desperado." - "Well you could have found a moment to shoot her instead." #vss365

Her hair was #adorned with white flowers which matched the colour of her procellain skin and her ivory dress. Her black eyes were emotionless as she walked down the aisle. A quick flick of the wrist, a flash and there he lay, red blood on grey stone. She smiled. #whistpr

Everything Elodie knew about #life was hat she had learned from the old man. He'd taught her how to walk, how to talk, how to fight and how to survive, making sure she'd be alright once he wouldn't be able to look after her any more. #BraveWrite

April 13th (Rule change for myself. I am trying to write a consecutive story with the prompts now)

Driving down the dust #road he wondered how many more miles lay before him. How many more of these places he'd see: ghost towns at first sight but inhabited by people who were just as rough and dried-out and hopeless as the desert. People who had abandoned all faith. #vss365

Her #blank stare fixed him as he approached. She was standing by the side of the motorway, hand outstretched, waiting for a ride. "Hitchhiking in these times," he thought. "She must be crazy." He stopped and pushed the door open. "Hop in!" he said. #whistpr

She asked him where he was from and he said he didn't know. "Assumed you weren't from here," she said. "You don't have this... #litost... aren't wallowing in your own misery the way everyone else around here seems to be." "And you?" He asked. She shrugged. #Bravewrite

April 14th

The blizzard came out of nowhere. No possibility to drive any further. They found #shelter in an old run-down motel where nobody in their right mind would have spent the night on an average day. #vss365

As the morning rose the black #cloud had vanished and it was sunny again. They met in front of the coffee machine, pouring cups of semi-see-through hand warm liquid, sipping at them unenthusiastically. "Where next?" He asked. #whistpr

She shrugged. It was all the same to her. Any direction they went in from this place in the #middle of nowhere would bring them closer to civilization again. She bought snacks for the journey, tossed him a snickers as if they were friends. #BraveWrite

April 15th

Ever since she had started #tumbling through this world she had felt out of place and meeting someone who was just the same felt like a damn revelation. #vss365

He stopped in the dirt behind a dust-speckled desert town. Got off the vehicle without a word. "Where are you going?" She asked, afraid he might leave her. Stupidly. As if he'd leave her with the truck. "Pick a #dandelion," he huffed. "Taking a piss, kid." #whistpr

"Don't get your knickers in a twist," he grinned after getting back on. "Not gonna drop you off just yet. I think we might have something in common. We both feel we don't belong. #Monachopsis is what my dad'd have called it. Damn smart man. A true scholar." #BraveWrite

April 16th

"Have you ever wondered why these people stay here? I mean it's pure #desolation around here." She waved her arms at the entirety of the surroundings. "There was oil and then there was nothing," he responded. "I guess they just lost hope." #vss365

"How about you? Why are you travelling these godforsaken lands?" He didn't sound curious. He was just making conversation. "Do you know how it feels when you want to #erase your entire past?" She replied. "This felt like a good place to try." #whistpr

He frowned. "What are you running away from?" She sighed. "A clever mother, an #obtuse father, my genius brother... and an asshole named Eric." She crossed her arms in front of her chest protectively. #BraveWrite

April 17th

"Sounds like the typical teenage tragedy," he said. "Possible," she quipped. "But in the typical teenage tragedy nobody gets #arrested because they shot their girlfriend." #vss365

"He cheated on me. I stole one of the cars from his #fleet and drove it into a tree. He got angry." She pushed up her sleeve and revealed the scar where the bullet had run through her upper arm. #whistpr

"I assumed this might be #indicative of what might happen at future encounters. So I legged it," she finished her story. "And you? What's your tale of woe, old man?" #BraveWrite

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