• Jools Aguemont

Introducing Indie Authors Podcast: Gwen Mayo and Sarah E. Glenn

I had the pleasure to speak to Sarah E. Glenn and Gwen Mayo, authors of the cosy mystery "Murder at the Million Dollar Pier".

Listen to them talk about inspiration, their writing journey and how they manage to write a stories together.

Writing Ressources Sarah and Gwen recommend:

Gwen’s reference sources are mostly historical – the Library of Congress, for example, and the New York Public Library provides an enormous database of historical images and photographs. I (Sarah) use Newspapers.com to research the ‘current events’ of our books and have some music channels I use for popular music of the time. I believe life has a soundtrack. In terms of more general writing resources: I use Thesaurus.com a lot, plus Grammarly.

Murder at the Million Dollar Pier

ISBN: 9781949281088


Barnes and Noble


Mystery and Horror, LLC

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