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Introducing Indie Authors Podcast: Lee Evie

Updated: Jan 23

I had the pleasure to speak to Lee Evie author of the historical novel "Promise Season".

Lee grew up in a village close to a rainforest which is still one of her favourite places on earth. She loves history and enjoys the research that goes into her books a lot.

Listen to Lee talk about her writing journey and the publishing process. Find out about her beginnings as a writer and her upcoming projects.

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Writing ressources Lee recommends:

"I am a massive fan of Joanna Penn and her podcast and courses for authors, she is such an inspiration to an indie author like me, and I think her website and podcast is a helpful and positive place to begin any indie author journey."

Buy Lee's Novels:

Promise Season

ISBN: 978-0648732310


A Song for Lonely Wolves

ISBN: 978-0648732334


Promise Thief

ISBN: 978-0648732358




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