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Review: Sarah Sutton - "What are friends for?"

Updated: Apr 30

I picked up "What are friends for" by Sarah Sutton as a part of my Indie Book Reading Challenge. I am not a big romance reader, but I enjoy a sweet story from time to time and the bits and pieces I knew about it sounded like I might like it.

Spoiler: I did. I liked it. A lot.

"What are friends for?" is light-hearted, contemporary, YA, romance. We meet Remi, High School student on her way to graduation who might fail Senior Year because - of all things - her art grades are sub-par.

Remi's best friend Elijah whom she has known for forever and who lives next door is extremely good at art and extremely lovely and all kinds of sweet.

In the beginnig, Remi's still pining for another guy from her school, super-cool Jeremy and Elijah is dating a girl named Savannah who looks an awful lot like Remi.

Well, you can guess how it develops. Actually, you can guess from very early on. It's not a secret. But even though it's predictable that there will be a friends-to-lovers-arc happening here, it's still entertaining to watch Remi and Elijah get there.

The story is well-told, the secondary characters are three-dimensional and interesting. There's a certain sub-plot regarding Elijah's family which I liked a lot and which is also solved in a heart-warming way.

Generally, "What are friends for" is a fun read that makes you feel happy. I read it through pretty quickly and I would happily give it to any kid aged 14 or older to read and recommend it to anyone - adult or not - who needs a bit of an escapism-read in times of stress and viruses.

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